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How to get amazing drone photos without spending too much!

Did you know drone photos no longer cost an arm and a leg? Starting from just $95.00 + GST?

2 years ago, drone photos and videos were super expensive. The reason was because photography specialists like us didn’t have access to drones.

They were big, clunky and expensive, and required a specialised license to fly.

As a result, we needed to pay a 3rd party to shoot the drone assets, and then we’d have to edit them. Adding an extra cost to the mix.

Today other RE media companies are still charging up to $250.00 per shoot.

Not us. Drone photos are just $95.00 + GST as an add-on to an existing photo or video shoot.

A lot of our clients take advantage of this awesome offer on a regular basics!

You can label nearby amenities, and do a detailed overlay of the block dimensions.

Get in touch with us to book yourself a drone shoot! @ Perth, Western Australia

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